I am going to post more info here that is just about the one world (main world) called AW or AlphaWorld. This is the main world and as far as I know it has the most land area. There is still a bunch of open places to build and I have made a list of towns & cities that I’ve found (and built in some) you can find the list at AW Towns (link opens in new tab or window). LandingZone Screenshot:

Some Object Yards (OY) that I’ve found the coords for are listed below, be careful where you click when objects are loading:

Lara’s NW Builders Supply aw 1096n 988w
Dthknight aw 23730n 23731w
Lara’s New Objects (2000 & 2002) aw 23555n 23517.7w
Tart Sugar’s Yard aw 27430.68S 12595.47E -0.02a 179