I have been working on all my builds and building new things in ActiveWorlds. I will try to update this as I have time.

Update June 18, 2016: I forgot to mention that ActiveWorlds is free right now. It used to cost money every month to have a citizen name and be able to build. Tourists were able to build without paying membership fee but anyone could come along and delete a “tourist” property. I do not know when the owners/operators of ActiveWorlds made it free but I love it. I wish I had known sooner. I will be posting screenshots of things on my blog and I hope people find these things as interesting as I do.

Public Building Worlds – you don’t have to ask permission to build on these:
AW [a.k.a. AlphaWorld]
ABC [a.k.a. Simple Geometry]
COFMeta [a.k.a. Metatropolis]
ColonyAlpha [a.k.a. Colony]
Winter [a.k.a. Winter Wonderland]
Yellow [a.k.a. Yellowstone]

Each World has what they call a Landing Zone (LZ) which I think used to be called Ground Zero (GZ) and I will post a screenshot of each on the world pages I’m making. These screehshots were done on June 19, 2016 late in the day and some worlds do change things from time to time. Also, each world owner/operator or caretaker can change the coordinates for where people “drop in”.
AW or AlphaWorld is the biggest in land area I believe, I think I read that in some info somewhere. Some other worlds are pretty big and I have found open land in all of them in 2016 which surprised me since I started in the worlds over 16 years ago and ActiveWorlds has just celebrated it’s 21 year anniversary “on June 28th 2016, Activeworlds turns 21 years old”.
There is a facebook group at officialactiveworlds

I’d like to add some info here about the world America
I have built on the world of America a couple times and I think when something is good it should be advertised so I am adding this info here because I think more people should get in and build if they can. Just send a message to MaXPoly and ask but you should have a lot picked out before you do that so it will save time. The Object Yard for the world of America is the world of Jetta. Yes they needed a whole world for their object yard 

Also, for those who want a world of their own, check out the world of UberPath & UberPathOY
There are so many objects that it would probably take days to look at all of them, or maybe I have a slow connection.