Found another Public Building World

I didn’t know the world There is a public building world until last night (Sept. 29, 2016)
I did go in and build a little and plan to build some more because the world is very big and there is empty space. I do need to talk with the owner Ohioman and find out exactly what kind of theme he wanted on his world or if it’s just do whatever you want. I made a page for the world in this blog and cut my “about me” page since it was not being used anyway. I also had to shorten the COFMeta page name to Meta.
I will be posting screenshots as I can but I’m not going to have every day internet access for awhile.

Video links

I’m adding the two video links that I have here for now. I do plan on doing more but it takes time and I have to use youtube to post them. I will try to post the links to the World Page I have when I can as well.

Newest video I did was June 27, 2016 on the world of Winter

The other video was to show some people that are not cits in ActiveWorlds how I build in Yellow

Many Thanks

I would like to thank everyone that works on stuff in ActiveWorlds from the owner all the way down to those who just go in & chat. You all make it what it is and I love it.

Object Yards

I’ve posted the Object Yard (OY) coords that I’ve found for each world I have listed. I do not have the info for the Pollen OY yet. Also, I’d like to note here that there are some worlds where building is allowed that I did not list like AWTeen or AWSchool and some others. I am not a teen and haven’t been a teen when in ActiveWorlds so I never wanted to go to that world and the AWSchool is not a place to just build something permanent. So, there are some things that I have not put into my blog.

I am trying to give information on things I know about and not things I don’t know about 🙂

I’ve been on Mars for 4 days

Yes I have been on Mars in ActiveWorlds working on my area that was started July 18, 1999 (I found the date of an old piece of land or something I built). I have added some new things that I found and expanded my area with new buildings and things. I am working on a picture gallery of any pictures that I have in my site that anyone can use in the worlds. There are cars, trucks, ships, space pics and a few other types. I am planning on building more and I will also add more pictures as I get them into my site folders.
If you don’t want to go to Mars then just check for the picture folders

Me on Mars
larger image

Newest news

Since I have not posted for awhile I figured I’d give a short description of things that have been happening with me.

I’ve been doing a pool service for one pool, once a week for a little extra money. That started around Aug. 2014. I have helped a friend move in 2014 and he paid me for my time and gas. I have also done some yard work for people.


Jan. – My mom fell and broke her right hip and had to have a partial hip replacement.

Feb. – Sorting and cleaning my mom’s house she rents so she will be able to walk thru with a walker when she gets out of the rehab place she was sent to from hospital in Jan.

March – My mom is home and working on her walking, I’ve been trying to keep up with my online stuff and help her when she needs help.

April –

May – Got registered as a minister with the Universal Life Church.

June –
July –
Aug. – Dryer quit blowing hot air so would not dry clothes, had to take it to get it fixed – $60
Sept. – Sept.: 17th – driveshaft fell out of F150, had truck towed home ($60), bought 2 U-Joints at autozone ($33) took me two days working on that off & on to get it back together.
Oct. –
Nov. –
Dec. –
Jan. – I quit doing pool service I had been doing for over a year.

I was appointed team leader of Success Seekers in CTP (an online thing)
Feb. –
March – I had to buy a new power cord for my laptop – $ 60
April – I quit the CTP team thing and Kore4, part of CTP online site thing.
May – I was trying to transfer files to my site, found out later it was wasted time.
June – I am not allowed to store large files, especially MP3 or MP4 files
July – Wasted Time trying to backup my digital stuff
Aug. – Online stuff is about all I do but some yard work also
Sept. – Trying to get organized and ready to have internet shut off
Oct. –
Nov. –
Dec. –

Some costs/prices have been rounded off to save me time and energy.